Hot Honey Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles has been one of those dishes I didn’t want to make at home until I had an amazing version in a restaurant. I tend to be that way because I want to gauge what it’s supposed to taste like.  A couple months ago, I had it in a breakfast place in Silverton, Oregon, and I loved it. Their version wasn’t amazing–but I could see the potential.  The salty, crispy chicken–the spicy, sweet syrup–the crispy, light waffle…it’s a thing of dreams.

But alas, it still took me two more months to make it. Why? I wasn’t altogether convinced my family, which includes a 5, 8, almost 1 year old, and 30 year old, would eat it. But I made it tonight, and guess freaking what?? They LOVED it.

I found a recipe online and I followed it exactly. You may do the same. My only complaint is that I cannot seem to get waffles crispy in my waffle iron. Kind of peeved these weren’t crispy, given I hand whipped egg whites. Oh, well.