Cooking with Annabel: French toast sausage roll ups

I love cooking. If there was a hierarchy of enjoyable activities, my list would have these tied for number one:

  1.  cooking
  2.  being kissed by my baby
  3. cuddling with the older kids
  4. having an “aha!” moment in the classroom
  5. Playing with the kids 

These moments catch my breath and make me realize why I was put on this small, rocky planet.

So, you’d think that I might want to combine some of these activities to make even BETTER activities? Cooking with the kids seems to be a natural fit, right? Well, wrong. When I had kids and became an insta-mom via marriage, I stopped cooking for pleasure and started cooking out of necessity.  And I struggled with that.  Cooking was no longer a selfish, me-time activity. I tried cooking my normal food for the one and four year old and you know what? They hated it. I went from home made everything to FINE! Here’s mac and cheese!  It was a rocky transition. But slowly, slowly, slowly, I taught those kiddos how to eat like humans.  Now I can throw some blue cheese in a salad or have chicken and waffles with a honeyed sriracha sauce and they literally want to lick the plate.  I am proud of them and me for getting this far.  So why haven’t I cooked with the kids more? Part of me still wanted it to be my own, selfish time.  Annabel needs to learn to cook, and so will Henry eventually, but I didn’t want to share my time. But slowly slowly, that has changed as well.  Annabel won’t be cooking every meal with me, but I am going to set aside two nights a week for her and I to cook together.  And I am so excited for that.

Our first true cooking adventure was this week and Annabel and I made sausage french toast roll ups.  They were so freaking delicious.  If you like sweet and salty flavors in your breakfast line-up, then please try these. They are kid friendly, adult friendly, and quite addicting.  Here are the details:


  1.  You need some bread. Any kind of bread.
  2. You need some breakfast sausage links. Cook them completely.
  3. You need your basic french toast custard. Eggs, milk, vanilla, pinch of salt, cinnamon, whisked.
  4. Roll out your bread slices.  Make them thinner. How much thinner? I don’t know. I didn’t measure.  I also cut off the crusts so that my sausage would roll up nicely into the bread slice.
  5. Roll your sausages up in your bread slices.
  6. Dunk your rolled sausages into the egg mixture.
  7. Fry em up. Roll em around to get all sides browned.
  8. Top with syrup. I could eat these every day.


Annabel cooking