Swedish Meatballs

My almost 2 year old won’t stop asking for meatballs for breakfast. Imagine it: 7:30 am. Not a sip of coffee has been had. I hear my daughter calling for me from her room: Mama…MAMAAAA. I open her door: “Hi, Mama! I awake! You awake! I want meatballs! Where’s Daddy? I hungry? I awake! Oh, Mama, you nice! I hungry!”


So today, just to shut up her cute little face, we are having meatballs.

I am using this recipe just for the simple fact that Pinterest said it was the “best.” It had better be, damn it.

Changes made:

No panko. I tore up two pieces of bread and soaked them in a splash of milk. Makes for a more tender meatball.

Used minced garlic and powdered onion instead of powdered garlic and minced onion.


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